Everything To Me

This Song gives so much positive energy. Good morning!


Beberapa kerjaan selama di Korea, kurang kerjaan bgt kan kkk xD

1. From a movie titled: A crazy little thing called love. This is a Thai movie which I watched in my university age with ninja (name of our group). One of painful moment in this movie I captured: It’s when the guy gave the rose to the girl he likes and tells that it was from his bestfriend. It’s actually the rose that he planted for that girl, he pretended since he can’t love the girl whom his best friend like.

2. From a movie: Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC)

3. Still from AADC




Just to remind me

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Pics 2 to 6 are taken from miftahulkhayr2012.blogspot.com

Time heals all wounds.

You’ll be fine after a while… It’s his loss anyway.

-Robert, 3/12/2013

To my precious and special friend Kika.


I could feel the time to say good bye with you is just around the corner through ‘D-10’ at your katalk…

I didn’t expect you and I would share deep and strong friendship each other like now when we met for the first time. As I told you, whenever I spent the time with you I felt as if I was with my close Korean friend.

I’m sincerely hoping you’ve also been feeling like that. You’ve helped me feel the happiness coming from introducing our country and be proud of it.

In the near future, I’ll definitely keep my promise that I’ll visit your country and learn about it a lot. I’m sure you’ll be able to the best tour guide for me then. It will be natural that we won’t be able to talk long anymore as we did here in Korea. But feel free to let me know your sadness and unfortunate thing even after going back to Indonesia, OK? And, of course, I’m always ready to congratulate the happy and wonderful things in your life, especially your wedding!!I I’ll be waiting for the day when I can see you wearing a beautiful dress with a great prince, Kika.



From your best friend in Korea, Bella, Jisu.